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Business facts about Suzanne's Electrolysis

Suzanne Saunders C.P.E. (Certified Professional Electrologist)

  • London Business License

  • Certified by London Department of Health

  • 20 years in private and medical practice

  • Highest standards of sterilization using sterilized, disposable
    needles and hospital -grade sterilization by Autoclave for tweezers

  • Computerized Blend machine

  •

    Our Services

    Skin Care Expertise & Consulting

  • Electrolysis - the only permanent, scientifically proven method of hair removal
  • Milia (whiteheads, a hardened fatty substance, within the follicle usually appearing on the face and shoulders)
  • Telangiectasia (spider veins and broken capillaries)
  • Acrochordon (skin tags)

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  • Extensive, flexible hours of operation through the week
  • Day and evening appointments available
  • Complimentary, confidential consultation consisting of a case history and a brief sample treatment
  • Treatments targeted to men and women of all ages
  • Transitioning clients welcome
  • Questions
    Q: What is Electrolysis?
    A: Electrology is the science of hair removal . The term Electrolysis is used to describe permanent hair removal by any of three modalities.
    Q: How long does it take?
    A: The length of time it will take to accomplish your goal will depend on each individual with respect to growth, regularity of treatments, length of appointments, accuracy of insertions, and medications.
    "I strive to help every client meet their individual needs to look and feel their best."

    Suzanne Saunders

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        "“Hello, my name is Koulla and I am writing to thank you for helping me. Several years ago I had problems with heavy hair growth on my face. My Family Doctor sent me to the Dermatologist for therapy and Electrolysis.”"


        "“Suzanne did my Electrolysis from that point on. She helps me look better and no other Electrologist helps me like Suzanne. I am very happy and pleased with her job. I am sure she helps her other clients the way she helps me. I will stay with her to the end. Thank you Suzanne for everything."

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